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Washington grain farmers are distinct from other U.S. farmers for a variety of reasons. Primarily, our state’s climate and landscape have allowed our farmers to grow some of the cleanest grain in the U.S. Traditionally, the majority of Soft White Wheat from Washington has a less than 0.5 dockage rate.

 Washington Wheat over the years

Acres Planted

Washington wheat acres planted 1919-2012







Washington Wheat by Class 2011

Also, our climate has allowed Washington farmers to not only be the champions of the Soft White Wheat class, but we also grow significant amounts of high quality Hard Red Winter and Hard Red Spring wheats. In 2011, more than 20% of Washington’s wheat crop was red wheat.

Percentage by Acres Planted

Common White 67.5%
Hard Red Spring 12.7%
White Club 10%
Hard Red Winter 8.8%
Hard White 1%


Washington Barley over the years

Acres Planted