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Washington Grain Crop Progress & Condition For The Week Ending April 19, 2015

Orchardists continued with freeze protection measures

Days suitable for fieldwork were 6.6. Pasture and range conditions were reported to be 11 percent very poor, 6 percent poor, 42 percent fair, 37 percent good and 4 percent excellent. In western Washington, less precipitation and warmer weather created ideal fieldwork conditions. Blueberries were in bloom, and beehives were set out for pollination of seed crops. Dry conditions continued throughout central Washington with producers growing concerned with low levels of precipitation. Low nighttime temperatures kept fruit growers concerned; freeze protection measures were conducted nightly. Damage was reported due to cold temperatures in cherries and apples in isolated places in Chelan and Douglas counties. Winter wheat crop showed signs of stress due to cold temperatures. All orchard and vineyard activity continued to be approximately two weeks ahead of an average year. In Yakima County, hop yards trellises were strung up and emerged. Vines were beginning to grasp onto the trellis. Most vegetable fields were prepared and seeded; asparagus harvest was well underway. In southeastern Washington, temperatures were warm and windy with below freezing temperatures at night. Producers began to spray winter wheat when weather conditions allowed. Livestock continued to do well and were being moved to spring pastures. 

Crop Progress

Crop Activity

Percent Completed

This Week

Last Week


5 Yr. Avg.

Spring wheat planted 88 70 62 57
Spring wheat emerged 28 NA 25 24
Barley planted 66 55 51 40
Barley emerged 9 NA 9 12
Dry peas planted 55 30 25 27
Oats planted 35 10 NA NA
Oats emerged 10 NA NA NA


Crop Condition


% Acreage






Winter Wheat  2 10 56 30 2
Spring Wheat - - - - -
Barley - - - - -
VP=Very Poor  P=Poor  F=Fair  G=Good  EX=Excellent
*Crop conditions are a measurement of the growing conditions 
and are not indicative of the quality of the crop produced.


Soil Moisture


Very Short (%)

Short (%)

Adequate (%)

Surplus (%)

Topsoil moisture - 20 78 2
Subsoil moisture 4 24 70 2



Information Courtesy of AWIS. Report released April 20, 2015.

Washington State University USDA USDA/NASS- Washington Field Office
Cooperative Extension Service Farm Service Agency Christopher Mertz
Richard Koenig Judith Olson NW Regional Director
Dean/Director, WSU Extension State Executive Director