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Washington Grain Crop Progress & Condition For The Week Ending April 20, 2014

Fruit and wheat produces in welcome spring showers

Days suitable for fieldwork were 5.8. Range and Pasture Conditions were 2% very poor, 10% poor, 36% fair, 49% good, and 3% excellent. In the Yakima Valley, scattered rain showers contributed from 0.0 to 0.17 inches of precipitation. The week started off with minimum temperatures in the mid 30s. High daytime temperatures reached into the mid 60s to lower 70s assuring great pollination conditions in orchards. In the lower and warmer Yakima Valley, apricots, peaches, cherries and pears entered into post bloom while apples hit full bloom over the week. In the upper Yakima Valley, cherries, apples, and pears entered flower bloom stage. Most fields were tilled and worked over the past couple weeks. Cultivation and trellising of hops took place. Harvest of asparagus started one or two weeks earlier than previous seasons.

In Whitman County, it was a mild week with temperatures near average with highs in the 50s and lows in the mid 30s. Steady rain fell near the middle of the week, depositing around 0.27 inch of moisture. Spring planting operations continued. Most winter wheat crops looked like they were in good shape. Spring wheat planted on the western end of the county was beginning to emerge.

Crop Progress

Crop Activity

Percent Completed

This Week

Last Week


5 Yr. Avg.

Spring wheat planted 65 46 68 55
Spring wheat emerged 26 17 33 22
Barley planted 55 25 54 37


Crop Condition


% Acreage






Winter Wheat  5 17 42 33 3
VP=Very Poor  P=Poor  F=Fair  G=Good  EX=Excellent
*Crop conditions are a measurement of the growing conditions 
and are not indicative of the quality of the crop produced.


Soil Moisture


Very Short (%)

Short (%)

Adequate (%)

Surplus (%)

Topsoil moisture 4 36 55 5
Subsoil moisture 6 38 52 4



No county reports this week.


Information Courtesy of AWIS. Report released April 21, 2014

Washington State University USDA USDA/NASS- Washington Field Office
Cooperative Extension Service Farm Service Agency Christopher Mertz
Richard Koenig Judith Olson NW Regional Director
Dean/Director, WSU Extension State Executive Director