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Barley marketing...what the Commission is doing

The Washington Grain Commission’s (WGC) budget directed towards barley marketing is divided into two different areas:

• Domestic marketing 

• Foreign marketing

Domestic Marketing

With most of the barley grown in Washington being used for animal feed, a great deal of the marketing that is being done has been concentrated into the feed industry channels. The WGC has utilized the research data on the nutritional value of barley, and has made great strides to incorporate the revised barley nutritional data into the feed conversion charts as well as trying to develop an effective promotional campaign that would reach all potential feed buyers.

Foreign Marketing

With its excellent geographical location and transportation infrastructure, Washington is in an ideal position to service emerging world feed grain markets. The WGC has developed a close working relationship with the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) in promoting the international usage of U.S. barley. Through effective programs, the USGC has been responsible for an increase in barley exports.